George Rodrigue (American/Louisiana, b. 1944)


I was nominated to make a book for a curated photo book contest with a really nice publisher in London. This is how it turned out. With a lot of help from some friends and Small Editions NYC Bookbinders.


A rather self-conscious Halston relaxing in Andy Warhol’s Montauk, Long Island house. He appears to be absorbed in a coffee table book about Isamu Noguchi, an influential Japanese-American artist and landscape architect.

The most striking detail about this picture is the book shelf behind Halston: Almost all the books have been turned around. Presumably their spines did not fit the deliberately neutral color range which echoes the subtle shades of the seashells beneath.

Whether this was an affectation of Warhol, the photographer, or Halston himself is an interesting thought to ponder. It certainly emphasizes that although the essence of chic is its apparent lack of effort, ironically a lot of preparation and study goes into making it seem so. Photo from Halston: An American Original by Elaine Gross & Fred Rottman.

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